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Colonial Williamsburg

Target Travel, for a fascinating day at Colonial Williamsburg. Over the years this has been a very popular side trip for Target Travel clients when visiting America’s East Coast. Colonial Williamsburg is a living museum located both 200 years ago and a few hours south of Washington DC. Hugely popular in the US with over a million visitors a year, but almost unknown in the UK.  This is one of the most interesting and entertaining places in the country. If you are visiting the northeast of America, then consider a flight to Richmond for a 2-3 night visit, with the option of including Jamestown. It is quite unique and amazingly well done, anyone with even a vague interest in history will go bananas here. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

You are transported back to the Virginia Colony as it was from the 16th century until the American Revolution. From 1699 to 1780 Williamsburg was the Capital of Britain’s main colony in North America. Since the 1930’s the town has become a living museum with the original buildings preserved or reconstructed, there are over 40 to explore at your own pace. The historic centre is a mile long and half a mile wide. Apart from those people that still live in the town, you will find interpreters in period clothing, some are general guides; others act out historic events; as tour guides stationed in a building, or are involved in the recreation of the craft and industry of that time. It is their interpretation and guidance that make it such an interesting and intriguing place to visit. It is essential to take one of the regular free half-hour orientation walks. Highlights are the Great Hopes Plantation by the entrance; The Magazine; R Charleston’s Coffee Shop; Wetherburn’s Tavern; The Goal; joiner; cabinet maker; printers; public hospital; gunsmith and foundry. A shuttle circulates the historic area to relieve those tired feet and at one end is the Market Sq with over 40 shops; restaurants and cafes. A timetable is produced daily giving information on the numerous events. Bring comfy shoes!

If you would like assistance from Target Travel, for a fascinating day at Colonial Williamsburg, then you can do it as a short break with a flight into Richmond, Virginia from the majority of the cities in the northeastern seaboard, but most of our clients start in Washington DC and include a trip down the Skyline Drive prior to this. See below for details.

Virginia- Shenandoah National Park & Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg