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Why Target Travel?

  • You can trust Target Travel, we are a well-established company and have been trading since 1978.
  • We know what we are talking about and each of us at Target Travel has decades of experience in business travel to North America, the Far East, and Europe. As you will see from our web site we also have a large knowledge of interesting leisure destinations around the world.
  • Here at Target Travel, we are extensively travelled, so can offer friendly knowledge and sound advice.
  • Target Travel is independent and will not try to push you toward a specific supplier. Many of the larger TMCs have hidden deals with airlines and hotels, so will try to influence you to book those products. Our recommendations to you will be unbiased. We will usually offer a selection of options, for you to choose your priority of cost versus convenience and comfort.
  • We, Target Travel work with the UK’s largest travel trade wholesalers, so have access to competitive discount prices for both airfares and accommodation.
  • Target Travel is a small firm, so you will not be passed between staff and we will be able to build up a rapport and get to know your priorities and style of travel.
  • All bookings at Target Travel are tailor-made to fit your requirements, you do not need to fit them into a package.
  • Book through us, Target Travel and you’re not on your own. You can call us to change your e-ticket if your plans change, or at times of stress, be it flight cancellations, fog, strikes, snow, ash cloud, family emergencies, or pandemics. While away it is very easy to feel isolated and ill-informed as to what is going on, but we are experienced and are able to help in these situations.

Company registration no 1380668 England
VAT Registration no 317 6456 48
IATA 9120780 4

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Business Travel

Cut to the chase with Target Travel

Those companies that permit their staff to spend extended periods of time investigating travel rather than concentrating on their main role, are creating unrecorded costs and are diluting what should be their main focus, making you money. With the internet now offering such vast amounts of data, it can be a very confusing place with information overload. Cut to the chase, in the complex world of business travel, use Target Travel’s huge experience and expertise. We will direct you instantly towards the options that are most applicable, rather than you spending hours investigating numerous websites. Since the start of the pandemic, the value of travel agents fighting your corner has become more important still. Whatever fees are charged will easily make up for the time saved and in most cases either cheaper fares or more suitable options for you to arrive in the best possible shape to conduct your business, so cut to the chase with Target Travel.

Our core business is business travel and we offer a comprehensive and professional service. Target Travel is a long-established firm with many clients in the legal profession and we are very focused on those in Intellectual Property. However, we have a broad portfolio in other professions and industries, such as: IT, digital advertising, outside broadcasting, distribution, marketing, and property development.


Target Travel is completely independent and unbiased, we are not tied up with incentive contracts to airlines or hotel groups, which many larger TMC’s are. We discuss your requirements and priorities for each trip, then offer for your consideration the options of cost versus convenience. We work closely with the UK’s largest travel trade wholesalers, so have access to competitive discount prices for both airfares and accommodation. We at Target Travel can offer great expertise and sound advice, as we all are very experienced in the travel trade.


Target Travel is an IATA (International Air Transport Association) agency and our reservations system is Amadeus, which is the most advanced GDS. We, therefore, have the full capability for instantly quoting and booking both flights and hotels. We are also able to immediately issue amended etickets. You will note that via our home page there is a link, to review and re-print your etickets and itineraries.

You are not on your own, Target Travel is at your side

On a daily basis, we are called by clients having just left their hearing and appeals in Europe and are wanting their etickets altered. In the last few years with Japan’s earthquake; ash cloud; tsunami; snowed in airports; British Airway’s and public service strikes; racing home to beat the pandemic as well as that old chestnut of fog, Target Travel has been the calm friend on the end of the line to offer advice and discuss the options open to you. With the added ability to rebook your travel arrangements immediately. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of this when under pressure and away from home, those that book on the internet will have to line up with everyone else at the airport! Covid travel problems have been very complex, it’s our business and we are on your side. Your clients seek you for expert advice, so why not do the same when you travel?

Your travel policy

Many firms and partnerships have a vague travel policy, and many small to medium ones often leave it to the discretion of the traveller. We will happily meet with you to review a travel policy and identify areas for improvement and cost savings. There are many elements where our professional insight can help with saving costs or adding convenience, with our knowledge we can assist you in putting together a policy that works.

Your ‘Duty of care’

All firms have a ‘duty of care’ to their employees, with a requirement that any travel on your behalf can be tracked. Both the Ash Cloud, Boxing Day, and Japan’s tsunami, plus the recent terrorist incidents and pandemic have highlighted the importance of this. Independent online bookings can rarely offer this facility, but we at Target Travel can.


Target Travel will usually offer a credit facility to established firms. Our terms are that an invoice will be presented when the travel arrangement is confirmed or tickets issued, we then present a statement at the end of the calendar month and require a remittance by the 10th day of the following month. Terms and conditions apply.

If we are new to you, then why not just try us out on an adhoc basis to see if Target Travel can help and are a good fit with your organisation ?

Testimonials, some examples of compliments…

Ticket could only be changed the following morning and was for an early flight back to London…
Thank you for this. I left for the airport trusting that by the time I got there you’d have changed the flight reservation – and you had! I’m now back home. Jane S

Last date for ticketing…
Just a quick appreciative note to say thank you for being persistent today in my best interest. I had to go to a funeral and I guess my mind was elsewhere and certainly my phone was switched off until I could get away. You secured the right outcome by virtue of your indefatigable approach! Many thanks. Great service. Peter H

Chicago, upgrade that reduced costs …
We spotted a special offer that not only reduce the fare compared with what was booked, but also gave a complimentary upgrade to First Class on the outbound leg
You are definitely in Richard’s good books! Please upgrade them to First Class for the outbound as it will reduce the fare. Thanks very much. Daisy

Japanese tsunami & earthquake -Mar 11
We had two clients in Tokyo, on hearing of the news, accommodation was extended, a credit facility was arranged with the hotel and three back-up flights were put in place, their use was dependent on when the infrastructure was suitable for our clients to leave the city itself. Despite a massive walk through Tokyo and a plod up to their 16th floor bedrooms they were OK, shaken but unharmed.
We were glad to leave, the ‘aftershocks’ kept coming and we kept thinking another big one was on its way. The transportation system in Tokyo was very bad to start with, but had improved by Tuesday so we were able to get to the airport without a problem. On Saturday the airport bus was not running and there were no trains or taxis. Thank you very much for all your help. It was impressive what you were able to do. Once again, many thanks – John and Stu

Last minute changes to a hearing at the Munich EPO…
Just a quick email to say thank you for sorting out my flight and hotel arrangements for my trip to Munich last week, and also for sorting out the flights and hotel for the inventor who accompanied me. I know that the requirements kept on changing until my client in the US finally made up their mind, so I appreciate the patience that you showed in repeatedly changing the details. I am very appreciative of the work you did, best regards. Paul

OB – Outside Broadcast

Target Travel has provided assistance to outside broadcast and ENG production managers and coordinators in booking accommodation. Finding hotels on location for groups can be especially demanding at high-profile events, or at the last minute with limited availability and inflated costs.

After investigation we will normally offer a selection of properties for you to decide which fits your priorities best, based on costs; distance from the venue and any specific requirements that are often needed, such as parking and a bar that stays open late!

Rather than spend hours trawling the internet, on frustrating phone calls, cut to the chase and let us, Target Travel help. The travel element of your production is our specialty. Any fees charged will easily out way the time saved in coordinating the bookings and potentially ending up with more suitable accommodation..

As a specialist business travel agent, we can naturally also arrange flights including charters; vehicle hire, and ferry bookings too.

Feel free to give us a call and discuss how Target Travel may help you streamline the travel aspect of your production. Please note- there is no commitment or contract.

Scary Moldovia…

It’s not just the scary Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that’s located in Moldovia. The hoteliers in the real Moldovia are something else and you need to be very wary of. We struggled to get a crew confirmed into hotels in Chisnau. On four occasions rooms were confirmed, then it would appear they got a better offer and our rooms were cancelled. It was especially difficult booking and frustrating for both us and our client, thankfully alternatives were found and commitments made, so the accommodation went without hitch in the end but it was a frustrating month.
Thanks for everything, you’ve been brilliant. Rebecca, A.Tv

With only two weeks’ notice of an international football match in Spain, the city was booked solid. We, Target Travel located a new build golf complex with pools and villas, about 50 mins out of town. The crew had a house each and felt it was an epic trip, the costs fell well below a 4-star city hotel. Everyone was very happy.
Thank you, a great result. Joe N, A Tv

Combine Business with Pleasure

Why not add a few more days onto your business trip and go and explore?