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For almost thirty years Target Travel has helped make memories to last a lifetime with these camping trips


Target Travel’s COC the legendary dads and kids camp COC
Singing it Back’s Family Camp at Mellow Farm
Target Travel to Le Mans 24 Hours and Classic Le Mans

COC, Carry on Camping

Target Travel’s COC the legendary dads and kids camp. For over 20 years we have run this dads and kids weekend camp in the New Forest, creating memories to last a lifetime. It is the perfect win-win situation: mum gets the weekend off, you get to spend a special time with your child, lots of laughter, ‘COC’ around with loads of gadgets and have a few beers with your buddies around the campfire. I cannot stress enough how good this is for getting closer to your children and having a rare weekend full of laughter. For many dads this is one of their antidotes to the stresses of parenting. Below is what helps makeup Target Travel’s COC, the legendary dads and kids camp:

  • Camp in the woods, or on the lakeside lawns, you choose a pitch. There are BBQ shelters to escape the sun or rain, plenty of toilets around the site and hot showers too. Camp runs from Friday 3pm, to Sunday 4pm or later if wanted.
  • Adventure activity included in the price. Supervised outdoor fun for dads and kids to share, either a high level, ground-based or very wet. With a minimum of ten options to choose from each year.
  • 65 acres to explore over the weekend. Hilltop woods, extensive lawns for cricket and footy matches, streams to jump, rhododendron plantations to hide in as well as the twin lakes at the bottom of the estate.
  • Mountain bike trails, both gentle and mental within the rhododendron plantations, as well as a route to circumnavigate the estate. You can also head off-site and out into the forest itself. Bring your own or hire their good quality bikes for around £10 /half day.
  • All-weather sports courts for football, basketball and tennis at selected times.
  • Playground, adventure area and bouldering wall are available at all times.
  • Campfire by the lake on Saturday night, wood provided, perfect for marshmallows, guitars, beer and banter
  • Fishing on the lake, subject to availability, a licence and a fee
  • Café Explore, is open at breakfast, lunch and dinner. For your daily shot of caffeine, with lunchtime paninis and takeaway pizza, especially popular as an alternative from cremated BBQ’d meat. Due to staffing issues post-Covid, it may not be operational. There is also a small shop at reception for basic groceries, forgotten tent kit, as well as a laundry room. NOTE – Post-Covid, Avon Tyrell has had staffing issues and the café will not necessarily be open, we should have confirmation by the spring

Target Travel’s COC is a loose gathering of ever-expanding friends, with a few uncles and the odd grandad thrown in. Most people either know me or someone local with kids at the same school that has encouraged them to try COC. The event is not closed to anyone, the more the merrier, it naturally expands based on the enthusiasm of those that come, that want to encourage their mates to come too. We average 200-250 people and are well spread out in the estate’s 65 acres. This is a relaxed few days when individual dads meet up with friends and get to know their kids better, you can do as little or as much as you like. By either putting your feet up while packs of kids race in and out of the woods and tents, or you fill the weekend with activities, sports and games, you choose.

The venue is near Burley in the New Forest, around two hours from West London, although Friday night the traffic is often heavy. Directions will be supplied around two weeks ahead of the camp, as well as an info sheet with tips on what to bring and how to organise the camping. If you don’t have a tent or transportation, then we can usually find someone to help you out.

Included in the price is some proper adventure for everyone, both dads and kids, we encourage you to try and do these together and share the experience. Most are on Saturday although there is often an overspill on Sunday mornings for the most popular activities. You will need to pre-book these with me and can purchase more if you wish, but the early bird gets the worm. Book the activity as soon as possible as there are only 8 people per session and many kids want to do these with their school friendship group. Qualified instruction is given to all and the sessions usually last 90 minutes. The activities on offer at Target Travel’s COC, change slightly each year, but these are the old chestnuts:

    • Adventure course*- an obstacle course to complete as a team, lots of laughs, tunnels, cargo nets, ropes and planks to cross. Perfect for younger children, yoofs may feel it’s a bit tame.
    • Archery – budding Robin Hoods must generally be 8 years or older to be able to pull back the string. The activity comes with both instruction and tournaments. Lots of fun.
    • Ballista siege machine – construct your own giant catapult with poles, ropes and the instructor’s help, then have a tournament against other teams launching tennis balls at barrels, targets and the odd dad.
    • Battling pedalos*- there are two boats and they can take four people each. Bring your water pistols.
    • Bush craft*- learn to make fire, cook and a shelter, a low-key and calm activity.
    • Canoes*- large red injun/ Canadian style, with one big open cockpit that will easily fit dad and a couple of kids, you use short single-blade paddles, and there are instructor-lead games for some splashing around and soggy fun.
    • Climbing – rock climbing and abseiling on a 10-metre tower, with three sides and 6 structured routes. Suitable for all levels of experience.
    • Giant stand-up paddle board – it’s the size of a whale (18ft) and extremely stable. Used generally for special needs groups and wheelchairs, but we are able to offer this as an activity for very young children who would normally be too small for an SUPB. It will be for groups of up to 8 for kids only and no older than 7 years old, sorry but no dads on this one, you’ll either have to book another watercraft or video from the bank. This not normally on offer, but if there are large numbers of very small kids booked, we will suggest this in advance of the camp
    • Sit-on-top kayaks*- tandem use, good for the less confident, double-bladed paddles, with instructor lead games.
    • High ropes – dead high in the tree tops (9 metres) who’s brave enough? The Tree Top Trail has now superseded this activity
    • Kayaks – small enclosed cockpits, single-use with double-bladed paddles. They are classed as Fun Boats so are small fast and very manoeuvrable, great fun as the instructor will arrange games.
    • Low ropes*- working as a team, multiple activities to complete and usually only a foot off the floor, fun and lots of laughs. Suitable for smaller kids
    • Mountain biking – coaching and tips on the sport, with adult & child bike hire included, with an escorted tour of the estate’s best routes.
    • Prusiking – ascending high trees using ropes and step knots, then abseiling back down.
    • Raft building*- working as a team (well that’s the idea) to construct a raft with poles, ropes and barrels, then against other teams to race and/ or try to stay afloat. A very damp activity, kids especially love it once on the water.
    • Stand-up paddle boards – wibbly wobbly fun, with coaching and games, very wet and very popular now, so book early for this one.
    • Treasure Hunt* – hidden treasure, explore the estate at your own pace with maps and riddles. This a simple basic self-guided option if your child is anxious about doing a group activity, or is too young. Also, a good way to walk around the estate.
    • Tree Top Trail, running from adjacent to the café, downhill high among the trees towards the zip line. This is a self-guided activity with linked ropeways, with various challenging sections and zip lines between trees. You are clipped onto a safety line at the start which cannot be removed until the end. You can do the route as many times as you like within the time. Most do 2-3 and at a real push, you could do four depending on other traffic.
    • Zip Wire – by far the most popular activity, a long zip across one of the lakes, but you will stay dry. A high climb up to the first platform is needed so this is not suitable for smaller kids or those uncomfortable at height. Each person will get 2-3 runs depending on how quickly the group is and how promptly you all first arrive. This activity is presently stopped and waiting for a new start pole

*These activities are especially suitable for smaller kids

All the water activities are on the same lake, so you can be on the water at the same time as your friends/ kids, but in a different watercraft if you wish, subject to availability. Note – closed-toed footwear is needed for most activities, this is especially enforced on water activities.

If you too fancy your kids creating their own memories to last a lifetime, then drop us a line and get on the mailing list for Target Travel’s COC, the legendary dads and kids camp.


Thanks again for organising such a great weekend.  Third year now and look forward to this weekend enormously and I know the new chaps had a great time too. The kids say thanks too – They loved it.  Moaning that we had to leave and then them sleeping the entire journey home meant a job well done! Thanks again  – I realise this is a somewhat thankless task but it is hugely appreciated. Take Care and hope Singing it Back is a huge success too. Pete

Just a quick note to say thanks for organising this again. Kids love it and I had a good crack also. I’m already down for the Family Camp and hopefully it may be a little warmer. As long as it doesn’t clash with Le Mans I’ll be there either way. Thanks again. Regards, Tim

As a COC Newbie, I’d like to thank you very much for a great weekend. Excellent organisation and the rain didn’t take the gloss off one bit. Best regards Paul

Thanks again for doing a great job organising it all, I know all of our crew really enjoyed it and I think I speak for all of us when I say we would all definitely prefer to come back to the same Waterpark venue again next year – the lake / water sports was a huge draw. Also, the setting was great, even if the loos and washing up weren’t. Cheers Rupert

Thank you for another fantastic weekend! I loved it. As always a great bit of organisation and relaxed camaraderie, just what any busy shrubbery designer needs.  All the best and many many thanks….James (COC private) r.i.c.e.
Thanks for organising a very enjoyable weekend. Yes the FBI top is Craigs.   Can I pop round to get it sometime? Cheers Neil

We had a great time, Tom really enjoyed the speed boat, despite the disappointment of the chap crossing his name out (duplicate name) Tom slept most of the way home, he really enjoyed the opportunity to join in and liked the marshmallow tent at the end of the evening . Looking forward to Le Mans. All the best. Jim

…just to say thank you for organising a fab weekend…much fun had by all and thankfully we seemed to fully enjoy ourselves without causing too much mayhem! Am happy with coc anywhere (obviously not in the biblical sense) – keep me posted for next year. Other Rupert

Thanks for organising. We had a fantastic time hidden away in the bushes. Cheers Nick

Thanks Andrew. We had a blast. Robert says it was brilliant and Matthew said it was the best day of his life. They don’t get out much!  Sorry that Tony’s snoring was of Olympic proportion. I am sure that he can get a small operation to sort it out in time for next year. Best wishes Neil

 Most enjoyable for a first-timer Would happily go back, but let’s see how the Mrs gets on Happy Camping at Mellow Farm. Cheers Jonathan

A cracking coc 🙂 thanks Andrew we had a ball. I agree that the space, the owners, facilities and weather made it a top draw event as well as the crew of course:> thanks for all your hard organisation work Look forward to going back . Morgan

Yes thanks for a memorable weekend, nice to catch up and chill out.  My little baby managed the two trips without a spot of bother …I kind of wanted to keep driving and on to Scotland !!  maybe next year, but I certainly have the bug for it now. Excellent venue and nice folks, nice to come away smiling.  Thanks for all your organising, fabulous job.  Sorry didn’t get to say cheerio, hope to catch up again soon. Ian

 Wing Commander Bourne. Can I just say a massive thank you on behalf of the guys who were up in the woods. We all had a great time and that is down to you. You are a legend. Thanks for organising a great weekend away and we are all looking forward to next year. Rob (Squadron mascot)

“This is the first time I have used Target Travel and I will use them again to get all our members to an event” – Marjory Jessop, Secretary, NAFAS (Norbiton) & James Lyon NAFAS (Oxford-Cowley Rd).

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Family Camp

Singing It Back has been running this small happy family camp for over 12 years at Mellow Farm in the rolling Surrey Hills, just south of Farnham. It is located on the charming River Wey.

PLEASE NOTE – The camp was suspended due to the pandemic, but subsequently the farm is in the process of being split up due to the owner’s death. The portion we used will not be inherited by our old friend the farmer and sadly there are no plans for us to be able to hire the meadow, chicken shed or barn in the foreseeable future. Target Travel and Singing it Back will keep you posted should this change.

Le Mans 24 Hours and The Le Mans Classic

Target Travel to Le Mans. For decades we ourselves have been enjoying these two events and have assisted many groups in booking ferries, camping and suggesting add-ons for the journey down or back. If you are inspired by Target Travel to Le Mans, we would be delighted to help you. We can also offer advice on The Spa Summer Classic, Wheels and Waves, Isle of Man TT, and other trips for those with fuel in their veins.

For those Petrolheads, Le Mans is a pilgrimage that you should make at least once. The excitement of endurance racing with various classes of sports prototypes and the more familiar GT cars makes F1 seem rather dull. The Classic is run every other year, and has less interesting racing, but it’s bursting with classic car clubs and is a very different and no less enjoyable event. It also usually enjoys more reliable weather and is much hotter being a month later. The Le Mans 24 hours especially has rather a growing reputation as a stag destination and can be rather a lager-fest in some of the campsites, but for both events, we would suggest you consider the long weekend as a pallet of different colours. Here are some ingredients that we think make a great Le Mans.

Starting with an overnight ferry from Portsmouth or Poole, with a small social that night on board. In our view a cabin is a must and shared between four it’s not an extravagance, but need booking early. Into Caen, Cherbourg or Le Havre nice and early means a full day for a dabble into the D-Day landings or enjoying the nice roads and scenery as you head south through the charming Normandy countryside. Saint Saturnin is a town 10 mins north of the Sarthe Circuit and on Friday offers a Classic British Welcome, a free event with usually over a thousand classic cars for you to enjoy. Once at Le Mans and pitched up, we suggest the first night in the nearby village of Arnage to soak up the atmosphere, if that night is Friday, then head by tram from the circuit into the cobbled Le Mans town square for the Driver’s Parade.

Saturday there are the build-up races or perhaps just have a gentle ramble around the back of the pits and grandstands to get your bearings. Mid-afternoon and with the excitement of the start, it’s imperative you are tuned into the English-speaking Radio Le Mans, to keep you abreast of what’s going on. You need to find a viewpoint by midday at the very latest to get a reasonable view of the track. Once the race has started and after an hour or so, most take this afternoon to wander up to the Dunlop Bridge and onward passing the Esses to the top of the Mulsanne, so you get to see the cars taking on different aspects of the track. A Grand Marnier Crepe is a must too. Our suggestion for Saturday night is to head down to the village of Mulsanne for dinner and then later when dark, wander to the trackside here to experience the overpowering sights and sounds in the woods at this famous corner.

Sunday morning our bleary-eyed suggestion is you and your camping chair plunk yourselves on the relatively quiet grassy banks up from Arnage at The Indianapolis Corner, watching the cars charging around the banking and then screaming down into the sharp right-hander at the Arnage T junction, before pelting off again towards Maison Blanc and the Dunlop Curves. An hour or so here chatting and watching is the perfect relaxing start to the day. Alternatively have a ride in the Ferris Wheel with the cars coming almost underneath and on towards the start/finish straight and pits. While here, you can try some serious go-karting and the adjacent track.

Whichever you choose you’ll need to be ready for the finish and in a good position with a view at least an hour ahead. Grandstand tickets are generally under Euro 100 (valid Sat & Sun) and especially if you are along the start/ finish straight, you get to really enjoy all the razzamatazz of the finish. Thankfully it’s possible to invade the track near the start/finish straight which rounds off the race wonderfully, we strongly suggest you do this. The last Sunday night relaxing. With then a gentle pack-up on Monday morning and a nice route north to the coast can have you home Monday evening at a south coast port ready for work Tuesday morning.

Both Le Mans events are fab and we strongly recommend you try to make it a four-day trip. If you and a few friends have fancied going but don’t know where to start, then we can help book the travel and tickets; guide you through how to plan it and what to expect when You are there.

Please feel free to call and discuss. We also have available our own Target Travel map of the back roads, to help navigate past the closed local roads acting as the track.

Le Mans 24 Hours

Le Mans 24 hours race

Beermountain Le Mans survival guide

Le Mans Classic

HOT LINK, supplementary pages- Le Mans Info Sheet and Le Mans with William