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OB – Outside broadcast

We provide assistance to outside broadcast /ENG production managers and coordinators. Finding accommodation on location for groups can be especially demanding at high profile events, or at the last minute, with limited availability and inflated costs.

We can offer a selection of properties for you to decide which fits your priorities best, based on costs; distance from the venue and any specific requirements that are often needed.

As a specialist business travel agent we can naturally also arrange flights including charters; car hire and ferry bookings too.

Rather than spend hours trawling the internet, or on frustrating phone calls, cut to the chase and let us help. The travel element of your production is our speciality. Any fees charged will easily out way the time saved in coordinating the bookings.


Feel free to give us a call and discuss how we may help you streamline the travel aspect of your production.


Scary Moldovia – Sep12

Its not just the scary Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that’s located in Moldovia. The hoteliers in the real Moldovia are something else and are to be very wary off. We struggled to get a crew confirmed into hotels in Chisnau. On four occasions rooms were confirmed, then it would appear they got a better offer and our rooms cancelled. It was a especially difficult booking and frustrating for both us and our client, thankfully alternatives were found and commitments made, so the accommodation went without hitch in the end but it was a frustrating month.

Thanks for everything, you’ve been brilliant. Rebecca