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Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Yellowstone is rightly one of the most popular parks in the US, set in the vast crater of an extinct volcano at a surprisingly high altitude. Part of it’s attraction is that each quarter is very distinctive and has different scenery and wildlife. There is a figure of eight road system that covers all of these sections.

The most famous section is botton left, the geothermal area with Old Faithful; bubbling mud pools and ponds with multi-coloured algae. Above this are some high mountain passes that run down into the mineral fairy cake that is Mammoth Hot Springs. The north east corner are the flat prairies, often where bison herds can be found. In high summer, the nearby town of Cody holds a rodeo each weekend. There is also Yellowstone’s own version of the Grand Canyon and in the bottom right, the vast Yellowstone Lake and forests.

Car parks are dotted around numerous vantage points and places of interest, here you will find trails posted with varying distances on offer, as an example some might be 30 mins walk, others an hour and some half a day. The park is teaming with wildlife and it’s not uncommon to see moose; bison and bear, although less so in the very busy month of August. Guided walks can get you off the beaten track.

The park is open from around mid-May when the snow clears from the passes that lead in from Grand Teton National Park. This route up from Jackson Hole (where most people fly into) is spectacular in itself, as you run parallel with a wall of mountains reflected in the lakes at their feet.

Jackson Hole is a posh cowboy town, still with it’s wooden boardwalks, but also some high quality restaurants and fancy boutiques. However for a spectacular finale there is the uber-luxury Aman resort that looks down on the town.

The norm is four or more nights to see the parks and town, but this is a rough frame work to expand and contract into the best fit, please call to discuss.

Grand Teton

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