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As a short break even in the depth of winter it can be a magical place. The real WOW factor is the Blue Lagoon. This is set in a lava field, a moonscape of vast lagoons with bright blue hot mineral waters, these are swimming pool deep and sometimes a bit too hot in places. In the winter months, it being so cold and the water so hot, the lagoons take on a mystical feel as they are surrounded by steam and mist, with the rocks looking like they are covered in icing.

The lagoons are hewn out of the rock, with an undulating floor; little shallow beach like bits; bridges to small islands; large submerged circular wooden seating for chatting; treatment lagoons and on the side are wood boxes with white exfoliating mud to rub on. Also available are about 6-10 different sauna and steam rooms that sit on the waters edge. Basic day’s entry is quite cheap for Iceland, includes most importantly a bathrobe, but the treatments are expensive. Most people consider at least one, these should be pre-booked. A memorable one is the floating head massage, while this is done you lay on a Lillo bobbing up and down with dozens of steaming hot wet towels pilled over you, which are being constantly being re-soaked. Decadent! Most people spend much of the day here, going mid morning for a swim, then lunch in their cafe and then back for treatment/sauna etc. One day is enough, you do not need any more, could also get away with half a day if time is precious.

Some suggestions of places to stay:

• In the main city of Reykjavík about 20-30 mins away, with a regular bus service connecting the two,

• Accommodation reminiscent of a James Bond villain’s lair, in walking distance to the Blue Lagoon. Very minimal; uber-stylish; chic and luxurious. It has it’s own thermal pools for use in the early morning and evening.

• A good quality country lodge about an hour from Reykjavík. This has unusual ‘world’ themed rooms with their own balconies and outdoor hot tubs. In the winter months the Northern Lights are regularly seen from here as the lodge is located away from any town’s light pollution. Most guests arrange to be woken if the lights appear.

In the day it may be a bit grey and dull, which after half a day sitting relaxing can be boring. Most people would arrange a ‘Golden Circle’ tour, taking in the geothermal and geyser areas and the island’s biggest waterfall (half frozen in winter). It’s a long daytrip, 6-8 hours, the scenery is very rugged and is the main reason why people visit the country, so a shame to miss it? We would be happy to chat over your options and build a suitable trip for you

We primarily sell Iceland as a short break, but in the summer months much of the island’s spectacular scenery is suitable for exploration, usually done as a fly-drive or an escorted tour, for a week or two.

The Blue Lagoon

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