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Wales – 2009

We turned up at the Welsh National Showground where Riders Edge have their own black and orange Harley inspired building. After a bit of paperwork they opened a vast shed door marked ‘Goats’ and we see an amazing view of 20-30 gleaming Harley Davidsons. Just take your pick they say and we rumble off to the show ground’s tarmac mini road system, the perfect spot to get to grips with a Milwaukee tractor. We played around with a number models before we found what we wanted to try out on the open road. They ask you to do a little test for them to check your competence, then its off into the hills. Some of the best biking roads in the country, following someone who knows all the best routes and some very attractive sheep too, it was top biking.

Back for lunch and then choose another bike, we had another couple join us and then headed off north. We kept swapping the bikes among ourselves that afternoon and were out for a couple of hours, including a stop for mug of tea.

Once back we took out some of the more outrageous and seemingly impractical models for a bit of fun on the showground’s road system .

In all we rode about 8 different bikes each, some I would not have dared consider before. Our aim was find the most suitable model for our US trip and not to have our first experience of a ‘hog’ as we nervously joined a freeway. This was achieved, but as a bonus it was a great day out in itself, trying lots of different bikes and on some fantastic roads, the bonus being that this was with someone experienced leading, who also knew all the best roads to take you down, so stress free. We cannot recommend it highly enough, just as a treat even if your not expecting to ride stateside.

Link -Riders Edge

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