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Harley rides and Air Combat USA


Harley Rides

This started with an invitation by an America friend to ride with him on his new Harley Davidson in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. Which instigated a trip to familiarize ourselves with Harley Davidson’s at the Riders Edge centre in mid Wales, which intern has now become an annual trip to the meet with friends for a relaxing few days riding motorbikes in some spectacular scenery. This is usually in the states, but has been to Le Mans too.

The US trips generally coincide with the INTA (International Trademark Associations) annual Meeting in May each year and are often a group of 4, but we have been as many as 18 riders. See the above buttons for the individual areas. Why not join us, or we can put together the arrangements if you wish to do a trip independently?

Air Combat USA

Dog Fighting in military aircraft. A once in a life time experience, you fly and you fight. As The Sky Channel once suggested, Number One of the top ten adrenaline experiences. For more information and a blog on the two dogfights, see the button above for the specific page.