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The are is garage offering off street parking on Bouverie Street, but it is very small, very expensive and usually full with contract parking.

Off street parking, there is very little near us, there are the odd parking meters on the road opposite us on Whitefriers Street. Note- this is one way, if you are coming off Fleet St then come down Bouverie St adjacent to it and at the bottom hang left and left again . If no luck then there are a few more roads around here that are sandwiched between Fleet Street and the Victoria Embankment to the south of us and between Temple in the west and New Bridge Street that borders Ludgate and Blackfriers Bridge to the east. In desperation there are often meter places to be found around Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which is about 10 minutes walk away.

For deliveries, please note that loading is not permitted outside our building on Fleet Street, Monday-Friday between 1300 hrs and 1700 hrs. North of us is Gough Square off Pemberton Row, this is a small cobbled square next to Dr Johnson’s House. It is suitable for a brief stop to unload, we about a minute’s walk out from the bottom right hand side corner.

Congestion charges apply to entering London midweek

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